Exciting News from The Doctor

New Software Store APLUS opening in Barrie Grand Opening May 7,8,9 at 169 Bayfield St. Here will be able to purchase the latest software Programs at very low prices. Out of date programs will be cleared at our booth (708)at the 400 market open on wekends Hottest titles will be here and the latest releases along with awesome promo specials. p>

Web Services for Small Business and Personal

Well big business has no trouble affording Professional Web services somewhere along the way the little guy seems to be forgotten. Here we remember how we got where we are today. Web sites now available from as low as $18.00 a month. Personal web $3.00 a meg or free when you purchase time blocks thru us. We have artists that can produce web pages to get you started cheap until you learn to do your own.

Internet Cafe doubles as a Computer Service.

And you thought it was just a coffee shop. Hmmm They just got 4 new work stations bring the total to 12. They have acquired a full page scanner to aid in the creation of WEB pages. They also picked up a digital camera so you can email your picture to your friends around the world.

As of December '96 they redecorated and it is beautiful inside. As of January 23th /97, they have an Email address for everyone in Barrie. To use it, you simply come to the Cafe at 110 Anne St. S and activate it, You don't even need to own a computer to send and receive private Email or have a Web site!! Here Web Sites are created and arranged as well as all the other services that go with a computer cafe.

For more info you can email me.

by Dr. Computer Logick.