About Rob Smith

Rob Smith owned the largest Restaurant Supply in Central Ontario for 11 yrs(1975-86). He became a consultant (Rob Smith Consulting)13 yrs ago (1987). In 1994, he was co-owner/founder of Barrie Internet Inc.(sold in 1996) and founded Dr. Computer Logick's Internet Services(1997)Internet Cafes(1996)Sizzling Grill Restaurant(2000) He opened Dr. Computer Logick's Walk-in Clinic (1996)And A-Plus Software in 1998.

Why Are We So Successful

The definition of success is to know where you're going and to be on your way there. We are built on quality and integrety. We have never sold low end systems or no-name parts. Our systems are designed by the Doctor, backed by the doctor using only quality parts and subsequently are ROCK Solid

Our Goals

What Does Our Support Program Entail

Franchises and Office Locations.

Rob Smith Consulting (H.O.) (705) 726-4063

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